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Best Side Jobs For Firefighters

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Firefighters are known as go-to persons for all sorts of emergencies, but just because they get paid for it doesn’t mean they’re getting rich. In this article, we’ll go over the best side jobs for firefighters to make some extra money on the side.

Let me first say that nowadays, firefighters do not have as much spare time as they used to. They are not sitting on a chair outside the fire station, taking a smoke and playing poker or checkers while waiting for the next fire to start.

But it’s common for firefighters to work on a 24/48 schedule. They work for 24 hours, and then they have 48 hours off duty. This makes it possible for them to have a side job, and many fire stations are fine with that, as long as it doesn’t interfere with their jobs as firemen.

There are countless side jobs, and firefighters can do many of them. But this article will focus on some jobs that are specifically well suited for the characteristics common among firefighters.

What Are Some Common Characteristics of Firefighters?

Firefighters are often remembered for their courage and bravery, but they possess a range of other qualities that make them experts in their field.

1. Physically Fit

2. Good with People

3. Calm in Stressful Situations

4. Great with Training 

5. Good Decision Maker 

6. Enjoys Helping Others 

7. Great at Organizing 

8. Local Knowledge

9. Vehicle Maintenance & Repair 

Ok, all firefighters don’t possess all these characteristics, but they are more likely to have them than a statistical sample of the general population. Personally, I think all firefighters are heroes. 🙂

Here are a number of potential side jobs where these characteristics can be beneficial to possess:

Security Guard

A security guard’s responsibilities include:

-Maintaining order at public events.

-Providing security against shoplifting and vandalism.

-Inspecting packages to detect bombs and drugs.

-Responding to alarms and other emergencies.

A security guard may be employed by a business to protect its assets, by a government agency to protect public property, or by an individual from a private security company to protect private property.

Firefighters are very good at detecting people with bad intentions. They can sense people that are suspicious. This makes them be ideal security guards. They are physically fit and strong. Many firefighters work out a couple of hours per day.

Security guards have a relatively relaxed job most of the time, but suddenly they may have to make split-second decisions that can forever alter the course of events. A firefighter has a lot of experience making tough decisions under pressure and in stressful situations.

Security guards can have flexible working hours and are needed 24/7, making it an ideal side job.

Median Pay 2020: $14.94 per hour

Personal Trainer or Yoga Instructor

A personal trainer is an individual who instructs people on how to exercise or work out. This includes providing consultation about the person’s fitness goals, devising a workout routine, and following up with progress visits to ensure the person is progressing. You will need to be willing to exercise and motivate someone that doesn’t want to work out.

Firefighters are fit and strong and enjoy helping others. Since it’s included in their role as a firefighter to keep physically fit, they have excellent fitness knowledge.

Besides being physically fit, being a personal trainer or yoga instructor will allow firefighters to help people and motivating them. This is a great side job for firefighters to make some extra money.

Median Pay 2020: $19.48 per hour


Bouncers are often employed by bars or nightclubs. They are also called ushers, doormen, and other similar names.

A bouncer is an individual who attempts to keep an orderly crowd in order. They first identify themselves to the customers and may then search them for weapons, tobacco products, or other items not allowed in the establishment. 

Once inside, they are positioned near the entrance and watch for violence or disorderly conduct in their immediate area. They also monitor security cameras while patrolling their position and communicate with security personnel outside of the establishment on incidents inside.

For obvious reasons, this is a perfect fit for firefighters. They are strong and super calm in stressful situations. So, when a drunk customer gets out of hand, they can easily handle the situation.


A salesperson sells the products and goods of a company, earning money for themselves and the company. Salespersons are valued employees in almost every company because they are the ones who make the dough come in.

Firefighters are used to dealing with different people and are good at convincing them. They usually have an aura of trust and authority, which makes it easy to sell things. This makes them great salespeople.

Construction Worker

A construction worker is a person whose occupation is to construct buildings or other structures. It involves using heavy equipment to perform manual labor.

Firefighters are used to working with different materials and tools. They are generally strong and handy. These characteristics make them perfect construction workers.

Median Pay 2020: $17.83 per hour

Dog Walker

A dog walker is typically an individual who takes dogs for walks in a single neighborhood and sometimes will also feed the dog outside of their homes.

Firefighters have good local knowledge and know every street in the whole area. It takes someone with good stamina to walk all those dogs. This makes firefighters ideal dog walkers.

Median Pay 2020: $12.68 per hour

Uber Driver

An Uber driver drives people in their personal car. The man or woman delivers them to their destination.

Each partner has a contribution to make. The person driving his or her car can generate revenue from that car. The client will find it more cost-effective when compared to the traditional taxi and public transportation services. Uber, in turn, will reduce the cost of transporting people all over the world. In addition, the driver may decide where they work and when they want to work.

Firefighters are used to dealing with many different personalities, which is great when sharing a car with unknown people. Their medical knowledge, including CPR, can be useful if anything happens while driving. They know every street in the area, which is a plus when you need to drop someone off. All of these things make firefighters the perfect Uber drivers.

Median Pay 2020: $12.49 per hour

Delivery Driver

A delivery driver is an individual who operates a delivery vehicle for the transport of goods, merchandise, or passengers. The driver of this vehicle may or may not be the owner.

They are paid on commission, earning money only when they have made a successful delivery. They typically work for a delivery company, but some private drivers also deliver goods commercially.

Similar characteristics that made Uber drivers a fantastic side job for firefighters are also applicable to being a delivery driver. Firefighters have local knowledge and are handy when it comes to vehicle maintenance & repair. That might be useful if you run into trouble while on the road.

Median Pay 2020: $16.51 per hour

CPR Instructor

A CPR instructor teaches individuals how to provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to someone who is not breathing or not breathing normally. They may also teach individuals the use of an automated external defibrillator and other lifesaving skills.

Firefighters are used to working with emergency response teams. This makes them ideal for teaching CPR classes. They’re able to tell if a situation is dangerous and, if it is, they will talk through the right things to do. They’re able to read people’s facial expressions and body language, which makes them even better at this job because they’ll get in touch with what their students are learning when teaching CPR.


The fact that firefighters have a flexible schedule and several beneficial characteristics make it possible for them to have a lucrative side job. Hopefully, our suggestions have given you some ideas about possible side hustles.

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