How to Put Double Major on Resume?

how to put double major on resume

In today’s competitive job market, having a double major on your resume can set you apart from other candidates. Showcasing your multiple areas of expertise effectively is essential to catching the eye of potential employers. Crafting an outstanding resume that highlights your double major requires strategic thinking and precise wording to prove your value as an employee.

A well-structured resume is your chance to make a strong impression on potential employers and showcase your unique skills and qualifications. When you’ve dedicated your educational career to achieving a double major, making it stand out on your resume is vital in demonstrating your commitment to your chosen fields. Balancing the presentation of your education, experience, accomplishments, and skills while maintaining a clear and concise format can be a challenging task. However, with careful planning and attention to detail, your resume can become a powerful tool for career success.

Key Takeaways

  • Effectively showcasing a double major on a resume can set candidates apart in a competitive job market.
  • A well-structured resume will highlight an individual’s unique skills, qualifications, and accomplishments.
  • Balancing the presentation of education, experience, and achievements is essential for crafting a powerful resume.

The Foundation: Basics of a Resume

A well-formatted resume is essential for any successful job search. It is a document that provides potential employers insight into a candidate’s qualifications, skills, and experiences. It’s crucial, therefore, to put together a resume that is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to understand for the hiring managers (10 Reasons Why Resumes are Important for Job Search).

Begin by selecting a template that matches the job’s requirement and industry standards. A clear, straightforward format will make it easy for employers to scan and understand the resume. Ensure that the document is well-organized and has a clear, easy-to-read font.

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Next, arrange the content in either chronological order or reverse chronological order. Chronological order lists your work history from oldest to newest, while reverse chronological order presents your work experience from the most recent to the earliest. Reverse chronological order is usually the preferred format for most hiring managers, as it highlights the candidate’s most recent accomplishments and experiences.

Some common elements to include in a resume are:

  • Contact Information: Name, address, phone number, and email.
  • Objective Statement: A brief statement outlining the candidate’s career goals and aspirations.
  • Skills: Highlight specific skills that are relevant to the job, such as technical abilities, language proficiency, or soft skills.
  • Work Experience: A list of previous positions held, including the company name, job title, and responsibilities should be mentioned.
  • Education: Provide information about the relevant academic background, including degrees earned, institutions attended, and dates of attendance.

In addition to these basic elements, a double major can be incorporated into the resume to showcase the candidate’s diverse skill set and knowledge. This information is typically highlighted in the Education section, where the details of the two majors are presented along with the degree(s) obtained.

Building Blocks: Education Section

Crafting an impressive education section on a resume is essential for individuals with a double major. This section should not only demonstrate the academic accomplishments but also highlight the job-seeker’s expertise in two distinct fields.

When listing the degrees, it is crucial to specify the college or university attended. If the double major comprised a Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Science (BS), this distinction must be indicated. This differentiation communicates to the recruiter that the candidate is well-rounded, possessing knowledge in both humanities and science disciplines. For example:

  • University of Example
    • BA in Psychology and BS in Biology, Graduation Date: May 2023

In addition to listing the degrees, it’s advantageous to mention the majors clearly. Stating the majors in a bullet point format or separated by a comma ensures readability and simplicity. Be sure to include both majors on the same line, emphasizing that they were completed concurrently. This information should be formatted as such:

  • Double Major: Psychology (BA), Biology (BS)

Including details like the Grade Point Average (GPA) can enhance the education section further, especially if the candidate’s GPA is impressive. Position the GPA in close proximity to the degree and major information, maintaining consistency throughout the section. For example:

  • University of Example
    • BA in Psychology and BS in Biology, Graduation Date: May 2023, GPA: 3.8

Showcasing a Double Major

A double major can be an excellent way to play up your strengths and expertise in your resume. To showcase this achievement effectively, it is important to consider the formatting and description of your two majors.

Begin by listing your education section near the top of your resume. Include your bachelor’s degree, either Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science, followed by the names of both majors. It is common to separate the majors with a comma or a slash (e.g. “Bachelor of Arts in Sociology/Economics”). If there is an imbalance in relevancy, mention the primary or relevant major first.

When highlighting your double major, be sure to use bold text for the titles of the majors. This will make them stand out and make it easier for the reader to notice your expertise in these areas. Moreover, you can create a separate subsection for each major under the education section if you wish to provide more in-depth information.

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It is also essential to think about the specific skills and experiences related to each major. For example, If you obtained a double major in Computer Science and Marketing, include relevant coursework or projects that highlight your proficiency in both fields. Using bullet points is an effective technique for listing these items and keeping the information organized.

Finally, emphasize your double major in the professional experience or summary section of your resume. Specify how your combination of majors has positively impacted or influenced your career trajectory and prepared you for the desired position. Do not exaggerate nor make false claims, but show the extra value you hold as a candidate.

Highlighting Coursework

When incorporating a double major into a resume, it is essential to showcase the relevant coursework for each major. The key to accomplishing this is to organize the information in a clear and concise manner. This will display both majors’ coursework in a way that highlights their relevance to the job being applied for.

To begin, list each major separately with the relevant coursework for each one. It is preferable to use bullet points to present the courses in an easy-to-read format. For example:

Major 1: Computer Science

  • Programming Languages (Java, Python, C++)
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Computer Networks
  • Operating Systems

Major 2: Finance

  • Corporate Finance
  • Financial Accounting
  • Investment Analysis
  • Economics

In addition to listing the courses, it is highly advised to briefly mention the skills or knowledge gained from them that directly relate to the job being applied for. This can be done by adding a brief description alongside each course. For instance:

Major 1: Computer Science

  • Programming Languages (Java, Python, C++): Developed efficient algorithms and data-driven solutions
  • Data Structures and Algorithms: Gained an understanding of complex data structures and problem-solving techniques
  • Computer Networks: Acquired skills in network protocols and security measures
  • Operating Systems: Learned about the design, implementation, and management of OS

Major 2: Finance

  • Corporate Finance: Analyzed financial statements and evaluated company performance
  • Financial Accounting: Prepared and maintained accurate financial records
  • Investment Analysis: Conducted risk assessment and portfolio management
  • Economics: Gained an understanding of macro and microeconomic principles

By utilizing a clear and confident tone, the relevant coursework and skills gained will be evident to potential employers. Keeping the information brief, yet informative, helps to focus on the most applicable aspects of the double major. Remember to tailor the resume to suit the specific job requirements, and always avoid making exaggerated or false claims.

Articulating Minors and Dual Degrees

When constructing a resume, it’s essential to articulate minors and dual degrees effectively to showcase a comprehensive educational background. Taking the time to convey these achievements properly can impress potential employers and highlight an individual’s diverse skill set.

For those with a minor in a specific discipline, incorporating it into the resume can provide additional context for their major, especially if the minor complements the primary field of study. For instance, a candidate who majored in business with a minor in mathematics can demonstrate a strong foundation in quantitative analysis and decision-making skills. Similarly, an individual with a major in psychology and a minor in arts can show their aptitude for understanding human behavior from various creative and academic perspectives.

Articulating Minors and Dual Degrees

In the case of dual degrees or double majors, it is crucial to identify them distinctly, signaling a broader multidisciplinary background to potential employers. Candidates can achieve this by listing each major on a separate line in the education section with bullet points elaborating on notable accomplishments or course highlights for each degree. Here’s an example:

  • Major 1: Business Administration
    • Emphasis on marketing strategies and financial management
  • Major 2: Computer Science
    • Proficient in software development and data analysis

When discussing minors and dual degrees, it’s essential to remain truthful and accurate. Avoid exaggerating claims or presenting false information as employers often verify educational credentials during the hiring process.

Spotlight on Achievements and Skills

When crafting a resume as a double major, it’s vital to emphasize your awards, achievements, skills, and accomplishments. By showcasing the diverse abilities you bring to the table, you can stand out from the crowd and display your versatility to potential employers.

Begin by listing any noteworthy awards you received during your academic career. These accolades, whether they are related to your major fields of study or other pursuits, showcase your dedication and commitment to excellence. Include a brief description and the date of the award to provide context for employers when they review your resume.

Spotlight on Achievements and Skills

Strong technical and interpersonal skills should be highlighted, as they demonstrate your ability to excel in various aspects of the job. Identify your skills and attributes that can distinguish you from other candidates and relate to the job you are applying for. Specify the skills you’ve gained in your double major, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and time management. Use bullet points for a concise and easy-to-read presentation.

Don’t forget to mention any remarkable accomplishments you achieved during your studies, such as leading a successful project, completing a research paper, or even presenting at a conference. By showcasing these achievements, you not only exhibit your expertise in your fields of study but also your ability to apply the knowledge you’ve gained.

Incorporating tables can help to efficiently organize information about your experiences and skills. For example, if you’ve had multiple internships or work-related experiences, create a table that organizes them chronologically with essential details such as the company name, job title, and duration. This format allows potential employers to quickly scan and grasp your work history relevant to your double major.

The Employer’s Perspective

When an employer reviews a candidate’s resume, their primary focus is to assess if the applicant’s skills and experience align with the job requirements. Thus, presenting a double major can be advantageous for job seekers, as it communicates a wide range of expertise and knowledge. Hiring managers often look for candidates who demonstrate adaptability and versatility, which a double major might signify.

A well-formatted and clear resume helps recruiters quickly identify relevant information. If a job seeker has pursued a double major, it is essential to effectively highlight both degrees to capture the employer’s attention. A simple way to do this is to display the double major under the ‘Education’ section, listing both degree titles separated by a comma. For example:


  • B.A. in Psychology and Business Administration, XYZ University, 20XX

Presenting the double major in the resume effectively emphasizes the applicant’s diverse skill set. Employers may find this appealing, as the candidate would likely possess knowledge in multiple fields relevant to their organization.

However, it’s crucial for applicants to emphasize the specific skills they gained as a result of pursuing a double major. For instance, these might include problem-solving abilities, analytical thinking, or strong communication skills. By incorporating these skills into the ‘Skills’ or ‘Experience’ sections of the resume, a job seeker can further demonstrate their value to a potential employer. Bullet points can be used to articulate these competencies:


  • Proficiency in analyzing market trends (Business Administration major)
  • Strong understanding of human behaviors and motivations (Psychology major)

A Successful Resume: Examples and Templates

A strong double major resume begins with well-structured examples and templates. Utilizing a solid resume template can help job seekers present their double major effectively. By selecting a template that highlights the unique value of both degrees, candidates can better showcase their educational accomplishments and strengths.

Resume builders offer many templates specifically designed for double majors, making it easier to convey the dual qualifications. Google Docs also provides numerous sample templates that can be customized to fit the applicant’s needs. It’s crucial to choose a template that emphasizes the candidate’s comprehensive skill set while remaining readable and professional.

When presenting a double major on a resume, it’s essential to format the information clearly. Listing both majors within the education section, separated by a comma or a slash, helps to ensure clarity. For instance, a graduate with a degree in both Marketing and Psychology can list their degree as “Bachelor of Arts in Marketing / Psychology.”

Including relevant coursework or projects from both majors can emphasize the applicant’s versatility and expertise. This information can be presented in bullet points below the education section or in a dedicated section called “Relevant Coursework” or “Projects.”

Additional Considerations

When including a double major on a resume, it’s essential to maintain clarity and proper formatting. One should consider using concise subheadings and appropriate fields to ensure the education section is easy to read and understand.

A double major can be listed under a single education entry. To do this, it’s recommended to use bullet points or a comma to separate the two fields of study. This approach allows the reader to quickly grasp the candidate’s academic accomplishments. For example:

  • Education
    • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design, XYZ University, 2017-2021

Using a consistent font type and size can also aid in making the resume more presentable. Typically, a 10-12 point font size works best for readability.

When mentioning the double major, clearly state the specific fields to avoid any confusion. For instance, if a candidate has a double major in Marketing and Finance, it’s better to state “Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Finance” instead of merely mentioning “Double Major in Business.”

By considering these formatting and presentation tips, a resume that includes a double major can appear professional and polished.

The Power of Proofreading

Proofreading your resume and cover letter before submitting them to potential employers is vital. A polished double major resume reflects a high level of professionalism and attention to detail, which are essential qualities for any job seeker.

Begin by carefully reviewing the job description and adjusting your resume to highlight how your double major connects to the desired position. For example, emphasize relevant coursework or projects that showcase skills applicable to the job. Furthermore, tailoring your cover letter to the specific requirements outlined in the job description can bolster your qualifications.

The Power of Proofreading

Additionally, using bullet points to organize your accomplishments and bold text to emphasize keywords can make your resume visually appealing and easy to comprehend at a glance. By effectively leveraging formatting elements like these, you can create a resume that resonates with hiring managers.

Just as with your resume, a well-crafted cover letter can leave a lasting impression on employers. In your cover letter, articulate how your double major background provides you with unique skills or perspectives that make you the ideal candidate for the role. It’s crucial to proofread your cover letter multiple times, as even minor errors can be detrimental to your overall application.

Once you’ve diligently proofread your documents, consider seeking additional feedback. It’s a wise decision to ask a friend, colleague, or mentor to review your resume and cover letter. They can provide valuable insights and spot areas for improvement that you may have overlooked. For helpful tips on asking for feedback, consult How to Ask Someone to Review Your Resume: A Concise Guide.

In the end, investing time in proofreading and fine-tuning your double major resume and cover letter will increase your chances of securing interviews and ultimately landing your dream job.


In today’s competitive job market, showcasing a double major on a resume is essential to highlight one’s education and growth in multiple fields. It demonstrates an individual’s ability to successfully juggle two areas of study and displays a dedication to continuous improvement.

When incorporating a double major into a resume, it is crucial to be clear and concise. List the two majors under the “Education” section, using bullet points or bold text to differentiate between them. For example:


  • Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Psychology, XYZ University, 2023

This format emphasizes both majors, making it easier for potential employers to quickly assess the candidate’s educational background.

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