Jobs You Can Bring Your Child To: [No Babysitter Needed]

jobs you can bring your child to

Balancing work and parenting can be a challenge, but finding a job that allows you to bring your child with you can provide a solution to this dilemma. In recent years, more and more workplaces have recognized the benefits of fostering a family-friendly environment and have made accommodations for their employees’ children. This article delves into various job possibilities that permit you to have your child nearby while you work.

From small businesses to larger corporations, certain careers are tailor-made for parents who want to stay close to their young ones during work hours. Some professions not only encourage the presence of children but also promote their development and social interactions. Let’s explore some viable job options that allow you to merge your roles as a dedicated employee and an attentive parent.

Specific industries have proven to be more conducive to job opportunities that accommodate employees’ childcare-related needs. This article will focus on professions that enable you to enjoy fulfilling work while keeping your child within close reach. We will discuss several jobs across various sectors, including retail, freelance work, outdoor careers, and more, providing ample ideas for parents seeking family-friendly employment.

Work from Home Jobs

Working from home offers flexibility and the ability to accommodate the needs of having children at home. Here are some work from home job options that may work well for parents:

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is a popular remote job where you can create content for various clients on a variety of topics. To become a freelance writer, you will need to research, develop a writing portfolio, and network to find potential clients. By setting your schedule, you can manage your writing projects during the hours that work best for you and your children.


Proofreading is another viable option for work from home jobs. If you have a keen eye for detail and excellent grammar skills, this might be a suitable job for you. Proofreaders review written content to identify and correct errors, ensuring that the final output is clear and consistent. As a proofreader, you can manage your workload and communicate with clients remotely, making it easier to balance work and childcare responsibilities.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant (VA) is an individual who provides administrative, technical, or creative support to clients remotely. This role may involve tasks such as scheduling appointments, organizing files, replying to emails, or managing social media accounts. VAs can set their hours depending on the needs of their clients, making it an ideal work from home job for parents who require flexibility in their schedules.


Transcriptionists convert audio files into written documents, allowing clients to preserve important conversations or create written versions of events, such as interviews or meetings. This remote job can be done on your own time, allowing you to work around your children’s schedules. Many transcription projects have deadlines, so time management skills are crucial. However, as a transcriptionist, you will have the freedom to complete the work when it best suits your family’s needs.

Airplane pilot taking his toddler to work

Education and Tutoring Jobs

School Teacher

Becoming a school teacher allows you to interact and educate children, while simultaneously taking care of your own. If your child attends the same school where you teach, it becomes more convenient for both you and your child. In addition to your working hours being parallel to your child’s school hours, your holidays and vacations will also align, offering ample family bonding opportunities.


Tutoring is a flexible job option for parents looking to balance their work and personal life. Tutors can either work freelance, through an organization, or online. Some advantages of this profession are:

  • The ability to set your own hours
  • Providing one-on-one attention to students, ensuring personalized learning
  • The option to teach multiple subjects and age levels

This job allows you to combine your passion for teaching with the convenience of making your child a priority.

Creativity-Based Careers


Blogging is a fantastic career option for those who want to bring their children to work. As a blogger, you have the flexibility to create your own schedule and work from the comfort of your home. This allows you to balance your work and family life. You can even involve your children in your blog content, writing about parenting experiences and sharing their creative works. To start a successful blog, you’ll need to select a niche, develop quality content, and invest in reliable hosting services.


Professional photography offers the opportunity to explore your creative passions while including your children in the process. This career path not only grants you the flexibility to work on your own time but also lets your children participate in photoshoots or assist you with setting up equipment. As a photographer, you’ll need to master your camera equipment, develop a unique style, and establish a network of clients who value your skills.

Etsy Selling

Etsy is a global online marketplace for handmade, vintage, and creative goods. This platform allows you to sell products crafted by you and your children, such as artwork, clothing, and accessories. Being an Etsy seller can be a fun and rewarding experience for the whole family. To succeed in this field, you’ll need to develop unique products, create captivating product listings, and maintain excellent customer service. By working together, you and your children can learn new skills and grow a thriving Etsy business.

Service-Related Roles

Cleaning Service

Cleaning services provide parents with a flexible job opportunity that can be easily adjusted to fit their schedule. Parents can bring their children along to the job site, as long as they are supervised and do not disrupt the work. Having the child with the parent while working in a cleaning service is possible, thanks to the independence and nature of the job. This opportunity not only helps parents stay close to their children but also offers a learning experience for the young ones, teaching them responsibility and work ethics.

Delivery Driver

Another flexible job option for parents is working as a delivery driver. Many companies are lenient in allowing children to ride along during deliveries, as long as it doesn’t violate any company policies or safety regulations. This role allows parents to work around their family’s schedule and offers a chance for them to bond with their children while completing tasks. To make this job easier for parents, there are several delivery services that offer a more casual, pick-your-own hours arrangement, providing even more flexibility.

Gym Childcare Staff

For those interested in the fitness world, working at a gym’s childcare facility can be an excellent option. Many gyms have childcare services available, offering an opportunity for parents to work and have their children nearby. A job as a gym childcare staff member is beneficial for both the parent and the child, as it promotes a healthy lifestyle and provides a valuable service for gym members. This type of role typically follows the gym’s business hours, making it more adaptable for parents’ schedules.

Dentist bringing his kid to work

In-Home Childcare Options

In-Home Daycare

In-home daycare offers many benefits for parents in search of convenient childcare solutions. As the name suggests, this option entails providing care for children within the comfort of their own home. The key advantages include:

  • A familiar environment for the child
  • More personalized attention from a single caregiver
  • A smaller group of children, if any other kids are around

In-home daycare providers usually have the required licenses and undergo regular inspections to ensure a safe environment for the children in their care. Prices may vary depending on various factors.

Nanny Services

Hiring a nanny is another popular in-home childcare alternative. Nannies are professionals who take on full-time or part-time childcare duties, ensuring that the child’s needs are met while the parents are at work. Some key points about nanny services are:

  • Nannies may have specialized training, such as CPR/First Aid or early childhood education
  • They can provide tailored care for children with specific needs
  • Might help with light housekeeping and meal preparation tasks

The cost of hiring a nanny can be quite high, but many parents find it worth the investment for the personalized care and attention their children receive.


Babysitting is a child care solution that involves hiring an individual to look after a child for a short period of time while the parents are away. Babysitters may have various levels of experience, training, and qualifications, which factor into their rates. This option is particularly suitable for occasional child care needs, such as date nights or last-minute engagements. Some characteristics of babysitting services include:

  • A temporary arrangement, often on an hourly basis
  • A more affordable solution compared to full-time nanny services
  • Flexibility in choosing a suitable babysitter based on the parents’ preferences

In all in-home childcare options, it is essential for parents to perform thorough background checks, verify certifications, and understand the legal requirements concerning childcare employment. By considering each option carefully, parents can identify the best fit for their family and ensure a safe, nurturing environment for their children.

Benefits of Jobs with Child-Friendly Environments

Improved Work-Life Balance

A job where you can bring your child offers a significant improvement to your work-life balance. Parents can maintain a flexible schedule while fulfilling both professional and personal responsibilities. The option to work from home or have your child nearby enables you to stay focused on your tasks and manage parental duties. This can lead to a more relaxed and balanced daily routine.

Create Bonds with Children

Child-friendly jobs not only benefit parents but also their children. When parents bring their kids to work, they create a unique opportunity to bond with them. This daily interaction allows parents to observe their child’s daily progress, interests, and development. It fosters closeness and helps establish strong family ties. The children can also learn about their parent’s profession and work ethics, which may reflect positively on their future values and aspirations.

Child-friendly work environments demonstrate an employer’s support and understanding towards their employees’ family responsibilities. In turn, a grateful and satisfied workforce could translate to improved productivity and a better work atmosphere. Finding a job that embraces such a philosophy can be a game-changer for parents looking for balance in their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

What jobs are available that allow you to bring your child to work?

There are numerous jobs that let you bring your child to work. These jobs include being a freelancer, nanny, virtual assistant, school bus driver, and even starting your own in-home daycare. Affiliate marketing is another great way to earn money and bring your kid to work.

How can being a freelancer be beneficial for those needing to bring their child to work?

Being a freelancer is one of the best jobs for those who need to bring their child to work jobs. With numerous freelance opportunities available, you can work around your existing childcare schedule and still earn money. Freelance writers, for instance, can easily juggle their writing tasks while keeping an eye on their children.

Are there any jobs where children are allowed on site, like being a nanny or running an in-home daycare?

Indeed, as a nanny or running an in-home daycare, you can bring your child to work. These jobs allow your children to accompany you, making them a great option for those who need to go back to work but cannot find a babysitter.

Is it possible to bring your child to work as a school bus driver?

Yes, school bus drivers work jobs that allow bringing your own child along. However, be sure to check with your employer or local school district regarding their specific policies.

Can I bring my child with me if I’m a virtual assistant?

Yes, being a virtual assistant is one of the jobs that allow you to bring your baby to work. You can work directly from home, making it one of the great jobs for stay-at-home parents.

How beneficial is it to start your own business if you want to bring your child to work?

Starting your own business is a fantastic option for moms who want to bring their child to work. This ensures flexibility in your work schedule and allows you to keep your child near you while you work.

What are some flexible jobs for those who need to bring their child to work?

Some flexible jobs that allow you to bring your child to work include being a freelancer, virtual assistant, and starting an in-home daycare. Additionally, jobs like transcription jobs and food delivery services can also be flexible and accommodate your childcare needs.

Are there opportunities to earn money by bringing your child to work in the food delivery services industry?

Absolutely. Food delivery services can be a great way to earn money in your spare time and most of these jobs allow you to bring your child along.

Can bringing your child to work be beneficial for stay-at-home parents?

Absolutely! Bringing your child to work can be a great solution for stay-at-home parents who want to find a job. Jobs that welcome children, like being a nanny or starting your own in-home daycare, can provide a great balance between personal life and work.

How to find jobs that would welcome children and don’t require a babysitter or sitter?

You can find jobs by searching for freelance opportunities, home-based businesses, or flexible jobs that allow children to attend. Be sure to check job descriptions and company policies on jobs and ensure they welcome children and do not require a sitter.

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