Should You Wear Your Hair Up or Down for an Interview? [Interview Hairstyles]

should you wear your hair up or down for an interview

The age-old question of whether to wear your hair up or down for a job interview is one that many job seekers face, as making a strong first impression is crucial. This seemingly small decision can play a role in how confidently you feel walking into the room and how you come across to potential employers. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the ideal hairstyle will depend on factors such as your hair type, the industry you’re interviewing for, and your personal style.

A carefully selected and well-executed hairstyle has the potential to send a strong message about your professionalism and attention to detail. However, it’s important to keep in mind that your hair should complement your overall interview attire, not overpower it. The goal is to appear polished, approachable, and confident during the interview and finding the right hairstyle can help you achieve this.

Key Takeaways

  • The ideal hairstyle for an interview will depend on individual factors and the industry
  • Strive for a polished, approachable, and confident appearance with your hair choice
  • Balance your hairstyle with your overall interview attire for the best impression

Factors to Consider

Industry and Profession

When deciding whether to wear your hair up or down for an interview, it’s important to consider the industry and profession that you’re targeting. This includes understanding the workplace culture and expectations related to appearance. For example, a more conservative industry, such as finance or law, may require a polished and professional look. Your hair up in a neat bun or a low ponytail could be more suitable for these settings. On the other hand, creative industries may appreciate a more relaxed, natural hairstyle.

Personal Style and Comfort

While it’s important to consider the industry standards, your personal style and comfort also plays a significant role in choosing between wearing your hair up or down. If wearing your hair up makes you feel more confident and put-together, then it might be the right choice for you. Conversely, if you feel more comfortable and genuine with your hair down, then this may be a better fit. It’s crucial to feel confident and comfortable during a job interview, as this will help you project a sense of self-assurance and competence to potential employers.

Face Shape and Hairstyle

Another factor to take into account is your face shape and how different hairstyles may complement or detract from it. Certain hairstyles might accentuate certain features and enhance your overall appearance, helping make a positive impression during the interview process. Understanding your face shape and selecting a hairstyle that flatters it can ensure that you’re putting your best foot forward and presenting yourself in the most flattering way possible.

Hair Up Options

Professional Updo

professional updo hairstyle

A professional updo is a great choice for women looking to convey a polished and confident image at a job interview. This hairstyle involves neatly arranging the hair at the crown or back of the head, creating a clean and sophisticated look. It showcases professionalism and a keen attention to detail, important qualities for any position.

Polished Ponytail

polished ponytail hairstyle

A polished ponytail is another excellent option for creating a neat, put-together appearance during a job interview. Secure the hair in a smooth, low ponytail at the nape of the neck or slightly higher for a more modern take on this classic style. This hairstyle exudes confidence, showcasing the face and allowing for clear communication with the interviewer.

Tidy Bun

tidy bun hairstyle

For a simple yet elegant hairstyle, consider a tidy bun. By gathering the hair at the back of the head and twisting it into a sleek bun, this style radiates professionalism and competence. Additionally, a bun ensures that hair remains out of the face, emphasizing the focus on the conversation and eliminating potential distractions.

Crown Braid

crown braid hairstyle

A crown braid is a more intricate option for those seeking a unique, professional hairstyle for a job interview. By braiding the hair around the head and securing it in place, a crown braid creates a regal and poised appearance. This style is particularly well-suited for gym interviews, where it’s essential to look both professional and prepared for physical activity.

In conclusion, opting for a hair up hairstyle during a job interview can create a positive impression and demonstrate professionalism and confidence. No matter which style you choose, remember to keep the overall appearance neat and polished to put your best foot forward.

Hair Down Options

Sleek Down-do

sleek down-do hairstyle

A sleek down-do can be an excellent choice for maintaining a professional appearance during an interview. This hairstyle involves keeping the hair straight and smooth, adding a touch of sophistication to your look. To achieve this style, it is recommended to use a flat iron to straighten your hair, followed by a lightweight hair product to maintain shine and reduce frizz. This hairstyle works well for those with naturally straight or slightly wavy hair.

Loose Waves

loose waves hairstyle

For a more relaxed yet polished appearance, consider opting for loose waves. This hairstyle can be achieved by using a curling iron or hair rollers to create soft curls throughout the hair. To maintain a professional look, avoid tight curls or overly voluminous hair. The key is to aim for a natural, effortless appearance while still appearing put-together. This hairstyle is suitable for those with naturally wavy or curly hair, as well as those wanting to add a bit of texture to straight hair. When considering what to wear to an interview, a hairstyle combining loose waves with a professional wardrobe can strike the perfect balance.

Styling Bangs

styling bangs hairstyle

For individuals with bangs, it is essential to style them properly for an interview. Maintaining a polished appearance with styled bangs involves keeping them neatly trimmed and ensuring they do not appear too heavy or unruly. To style your bangs, you can use a small straightening iron or a blow dryer with a round brush, depending on the desired result. This will allow you to create a smooth, well-groomed appearance, framing your face and complementing your overall hairstyle.

Remember to choose a hairstyle that best suits your hair type, face shape, and personal style while maintaining a professional appearance. By opting for one of these hair down options, you can confidently showcase your individuality while adhering to interview etiquette.

Accessories and Styling Tips

Hair Accessories

It is important to choose the right hair accessories for a job interview. A simple, elegant headband can be a great option to keep your hair out of your face and maintain a professional appearance. Make sure the headband is not too flashy or distracting, as it should complement your overall outfit rather than being the main focus. Opt for hair accessories that are subtle, of neutral colors, and functional.

Hair Products

Using hair products such as gel or hairspray can help to achieve a neat, professional hairstyle. Just be careful not to overuse these products, as excessive amounts can create a stiff or unnatural look. In addition, avoid strong fragrances that might be distracting or off-putting during the interview. The goal is to keep your hair in place and looking clean and polished without drawing too much attention to it.

Dressing Appropriately

Besides your hairstyle, your choice of clothes is an essential aspect of your interview outfit. Adhering to the company’s dress code policy and understanding the position’s uniform requirements can contribute to making an informed decision about what to wear. For instance, when preparing for a flight attendant interview, knowing the airline’s dress code and uniform standards is crucial.

Select attire that is professional and of good quality, while also being comfortable enough to wear during the interview process. Remember to iron your clothes to ensure a neat appearance and choose neutral colors that convey a sense of professionalism. It’s also crucial to wear clean, closed-toe shoes that match your outfit’s overall style.

Expert Advice

Top Tips from Professional Stylists

Professional stylists emphasize the importance of grooming and creating a polished appearance for job interviews. Wearing your hair up or down depends on the industry and the specific job role you are interviewing for. Here are some tips to help you make the right decision:

  • Research the company culture: Gain an understanding of the company’s dress code and overall style. For instance, a teacher interview would require a more professional look with a neat, pulled-together hairstyle.
  • Consider your hair type and length: Shorter hairstyles can be worn down, while longer hair can be styled into a ponytail, bun, or braid to avoid distractions while speaking.

Confidence and Attitude

When it comes to hairstyling for job interviews, confidence plays an essential role. Opt for a hairstyle that not only makes you feel comfortable but also reflects your personality while enhancing your features. Your confidence will translate into a positive attitude that leaves a lasting first impression on the recruiter.

Dressing for Your Dream Job

As you dress and style your hair for an interview, visualize yourself in your dream job to gain focus and motivation. Put your best foot forward by grooming and presenting yourself in a manner that aligns with the role’s requirements and expectations. Remember, your appearance is an extension of your personal brand, and the goal is to project the persona of someone capable of excelling in the position.


In the end, the decision to wear one’s hair up or down for an interview ultimately depends on the individual’s preferences and the specific job being sought. While there are advantages and disadvantages to both styles, it is important to consider factors such as the work environment, the desired image, and personal comfort.

Wearing the hair up in a bun or a ponytail may be perceived as more professional and polished. It can keep the focus on the applicant’s face and expressions, allowing for better communication. However, an updo might feel too formal or uncomfortable for some, so it is essential to choose a style that feels natural and not forced.

On the other hand, wearing the hair down offers a more relaxed and approachable appearance. This may be suitable for a casual or creative work environment. However, it is crucial to ensure that the hair is neatly styled and does not distract or interfere with the discussion.

In conclusion, the appropriate hairstyle for an interview is one that aligns with the company culture, the applicant’s personality, and the desired image projected. By considering these factors, an individual can make an informed choice that best supports their confidence and success in the interview process.

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